Collie Rescue

There is nothing more noble than making a forever home for a beautiful purebred or part-Collie dog.  Southland Collie Rescue often has dogs available that would love to live with you!  Dogs who cannot be registered with the AKC (for reasons of unknown parentage) may now compete in all AKC sports, except Confirmation.

If you buy a Collie from one of our reputable Southern California breeders, consider having your dog spayed or neutered.  You will still have a beautiful animal, and can compete in all AKC sports and earn AKC titles for your dog, but you will never have the inconvenience of a female in season, or a male who cannot focus because he notices a female in season.

Even in our days of genetic testing, only the well educated in the breed, and the brave of heart, should breed dogs.  We at Fireside believe in the purebred dog and its future in our society. But we also believe that people who have not put in the time to learn about our breed should not attempt to breed their own collie.  Our bred, like all others, contains serious health risks and challenges that should not be played with.  If you want to compete in breed and eventually breed your own dogs, find a seasoned mentor to guide you.  There are many out there qualified and willing. Join a club, go to breed shows, and meet other like-minded folks who will be happy to help you.